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Donate to Dyso! Help the world of Dysotopia flourish and prosper. Donations will be put towards the following:
  • Server hardware:
    • More RAM on servers
    • SCSI hard drive for Linux server
    • New servers for running Dysotopia
    • CPU/motherboard upgrades for Dysotopia development machine
  • Web hosting costs:
    • Web hosting costs
    • Domain name cost
  • Paid Dysotopia world developers
  • Other - please specify what you'd like your money to go towards
No favoritism will be shown as far as perks for players or characters, but we do offer the option of having your name (player, character, whatever you want) placed on some form of monument or in the Eleriina Library (undecided) so that people would know who helped out. You may also choose to remain anonymous.

Minimum donation is USD $5.00.

To make a donation:

Through PayPal:

By postal mail:

Please address to:
Brian Hurley
1339 Wall St
Port Huron, Michigan 48060
United States

Please make checks or money orders payable to
Brian Hurley.

All funds should be in USD$.

BR>All funds should be in USD$.