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Information about the League of Shadows

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PostPosted: Mon May 19, 2003 2:34 pm    Post subject: Information about the League of Shadows Reply with quote

The league of shadows was originally a rogue's guild hailing from the faraway land of Tuskandale, led by its Shadowlord Falkhor Malcontent. The guild was a major influence in Tuskandale, operating underground and from the shadows, striking at any who would dare oppose them. The guild was often involved in shady deals, which increased their status and power, but such deals were extremely risky. Too risky. Unfortunately for the league, an operation involving a magical portal went incredibly wrong, and most of its members were sucked into it, and whisked away to the lands of Dysotopia. Unable to return to Tuskandale, Falkhor decided to reform the guild in this unfamiliar land until a way back to their homeland could be found. For many months afterwards the league became a dominant force in Dysotopia, and were rightly feared by all. However, the guild was growing too rapidly for anyone's liking. Soon there were far too many members, and it was difficult to keep track of everybody. And so recruitment was halted. Gradually, members left the league for various reasons and recruitment never really continued. So, the influence of the league slowly extinguished to almost nothing. All hope was not lost however. By chance, Falkhor stumbled across a means to get back to Tuskandale many months after they were stranded in Dysotopia. Many of the league's finest members left to return to Tuskandale with their leader. However, someone had to remain behind to care of things in Dysotopia, and this task was appointed to one of Falkhor's most trusted Shadowmasters. His name was Griff Inn. Faced with the task of re-froming the guild here in Dysotopia, which would not be easy seeing that many members had left for Tuskandale, Griff began recruiting once again, in a hope to one day restore those glorious days when the league was once again considered the dominant force in Dysotopia.....

The purpose of the league, as with many rogue guilds of the realms, is to gain as much power and wealth, by any means possible. Money is power, and power is money. Stealing, assassinating, bribery, there is little the league would not do to achieve its goals. And to do all of this with as little publicity as possible. Remember, we are rogues, we keep to the shadows unless we intend for something to be known publically in order to make examples of those that cross us. We aim to gain power politically rather than forcefully. A government has far more power than an army after all, since it is the government that commands the army. And when rogues work together, these things are easily possible.


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