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Quest Idea Thread for Game Masters

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Level: 51
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 14, 2003 7:01 pm    Post subject: Quest Idea Thread for Game Masters Reply with quote

Felicitations everyone.

Greetings one and all!

Great day to everyone, kisses and hugs.

I am starting this topic as a viable solution to bored players and inspirationally challenged administrators and game masters.

This topic will be posted here in suggestions as a clean and spam free topic. (Will a forum mod or admin stickify this topic?)

The reason for this thread is one purpose and one purpose only.

To give them ideas for quests to run.

If you have an idea for what you think is an awsome Dungeon Master hosted Quest, post it here and keep it neat and clean for them to view, if you do they may freely use your idea whenever they choose.

To start out in the spirit of things, here is an idea for a quest.

An ancient lichdrow sorcerer seeks to overthrow the forcees known as the mysterious Jaelre Chezz assassins, with the battle between these two epic forces (both drow) a small boy gets killed in the battle while walking in the streets of sylvandale... the boy hears a key pieces of information between the lich and the forces, in which the lich destroys them then continues on his way (the boy who died in the crossfire hears a key piece of the plot and why the lich is trying to reach the leader of this mysterious band of assassins, the DM can decide what it was he heard) as such it turns out that the lich is trying to recover a *insert powerful godly item here* and his phylactery which the assassins stole for their own malicious purposes trying to allow their house mages to decipher the phylactery to bind the lich for their murderous purposes.... the boy is raised and tells the vital piece of information to the group of powerful adventurers who raised him (or an evil necromancer who talks with his spirit) and they procede to have many options from that point... destroy the lich, and the drow band and take the phylactery to a temple of a goodly god to be destroyed, side with the lich or the drow band, or work inbetween and get much money from both sides, or simply open a can of whoopass on all of them for being evil... but there should be a twist, such as if for a goodly adventurer, they say.... obliterate both sides, taking the phylactery to be destroyed, but in doing so loose the powerful item, but lets say a sly mercenary decides to work both sides..... if he would be a level 16+ rogue he would work for both sides, let the obliterate each other then rob everyone and run away, like all good rogues, getting both the item and the phylactery which he could sell or do whatever he wanted with it... or the evil band who teams up with either the lich or the drow band and procedes to accept the rewards for destroying the other side..... yatta yatta

That's a small start, not the best, for sure, but maybe a good high level tough quest...

Let the idea's roll in!
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 14, 2003 9:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well here's my inspired idea, it's not as detailed as Jon's but it might be better to keep your ideas as flexible as possible so the DMs could tweak it as appropriate:

An ancient Demon with the power to kill entire armies and leave cities in ruin from the abyssal plane is very close to escaping from his 2000 year imprisonment there. If successful, his first plan would be to overrun Dysotopia and turn it into a chaotic wasteland. This would not be his first attempt at doing so. In ancient times, this demon attempted to claim the land for his own, but was thwarted by a dwarven hero who used a sacred blade/hammer/axe (whatever) to cast the demon back into the abyssal plane for all time, or so it was thought. Now, the demon has managed to weaken the forces that imprison him in the abyssal plane, and will soon have the power to break free and return to Dysotopia. If this happens, then the world of the humanoid races will surely fall. Somehow, a chosen hero must reclaim the lost sacred weapon, and use it to stop the demon from returning to Dysotopia.

The quest would be in several stages:

1) Finding out about the legend of this demon.
2) Recovering the sacred weapon that would defeat it.
3) Confronting the Demon in the abyss for a final showdown.

And that's about it.

Never underestimate the power of hot tea.
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Level: 51
EXP: 189 / 280 EXP: 189 / 280 EXP: 189 / 280
PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, 2003 5:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Perhaps, should you say.... a BATTLEAXE ??? (I love it.) =D

I would recommend that, on second thought I have more ideas to add, here goes.

An ancient demon prince has build an army of tanarukks from his hidden home in the underdark, the prince is followed by a powerful alu fiend sorcereress who is also his partner, the duo are an extremely powerful pair and they have raised an army of tanarukks (mix between demon and orc, extremely strong and natural blood thirsty killers) to destroy a single solitary warrior that stands between them and domination of the underdark... the warrior is a half celestial warrior around 60ish who matches most gods for strength, because of this individual the armies of the demon prince are held back, but now that the demon prince has enough soldiers to bring the mighty guardian down, he intends to do so to try and dominate a section of the surface world as well as the underdark, and to establish a trade route if they gain the needed foothold, if and when they do this it allows for all sorts of twisted people and black deals to be made in this evil town or area or outpost that they have, allowing powerful items from the underdark to come up while taking powerful human items from the surface unavailable to them... after a time the forces grow and they recruite adventurers to join their ranks, making them unstopable... they decide to conquer dysotopia in it's full entirety.... enter... the dragoons.
they will battle and help defend the island as well as maybe the mighty chaos dragon and king geshtal working together to protect their own lands... this quest could have many twists... it would almost be too powerful for pcs except 19-20 or maybe powerful bands of low levels... but the opportunities for them to recieve special items or powerful experience is unmatched... maybe even somehow getting their hands on a single rarest piece of the dragoon armor... or a scale of armor from geshtal... or a chaos dragon eye... or the demon princes own blade wrought of magma.... who knows? anything could be done with this one... but anyway, ROCK ON.



"The possibilities for destruction boggle the mind." - Burt Gummer
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, 2003 6:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hmmm, I have lots of ideas, so why not post them?

the first of these is for everybody to take heed to when coming up with suggestions, it doesn't have to be epic scale and it can be based on what is happening in the Dyso world as you see it.

For example, A man shrouded in darkness approaches a group of adventurers in the middle of the deepest of nights, he asks of them their location and purpose and finally comes around to asking the party about a certain 'job' he has for them. He tells them he is the servant of an ancient dragon who wishes the head of *insert decapitated head of random person here* and that he has a large gold deposit and a few magical items that he could part with. Now the story deviates:
A) The party immediately go off and kill the person and come back for a reward, the man who approached them before denies them money saying the Dragon has thought it over and he does not wish to part with his items,
B) The party ask why he wants to me murdered, not to be told, now they are more cautious, they approach the person they may kill and talk to him, ask him why the dragon wants him dead, the person denying ever having done anything wrong and being a high ranking member of society who cannot offer gold but the knowledge of a heroic deed done.
BA) They kill the person and then take it back to the dragon for the end of A.
BB)) They go back to the man, infuriated why they havent killed them and attacks. They win, a chest appears with some gold and one powerful magic item *Deadly spike trap the chest a couple of times first* =P The group of adventurers go back to the person they saved and they cry about the item they hold was in fact hers and the dragon wanted her head because they were the only member of their kin left and destroying the bloodline meant he could use the weapon and in fact there was no dragon at all.
BBA)) They give the item as a good deed.
BBB)) They keep it.
BBC)) They kill them for being a whiny greedy last member of a bloodline.
C)) They kill the man immediately suggesting the prospect of assasination, the story then follows BB)).
D)) They ignore everything and just go to the crypts.

Well... it may not be a fancy story but its one people can highly elaborate upon and... has a lot of prospect for good natured people to do their own thing and evil natured people to their own thing. Easy adaptable too =P


P.S: I spaced it like this to make the options a little easier to read.
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PostSun 06/15/03 3:21pm
I dont have a quest idea but i think this is a really good and contructive post idea, nice thinking jon!  Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, 2003 7:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm usually no good at ideas and I got a sinking feeling this ones no better than garbage, but here it is anyways.

Scenario: A Vampire attack is about to happen, an outcast Vampire brings the chosen adventurers their plans in great detail. The adventurers are ready for the attack, (should be a food 20 or so Vampires, more of it's all level 15 or higher adventurers, nothing better than challenge).

Ways in which the scenario can end or prolong:

1) The Vampire hoarde is thwarted, all enemies die and the adventurers are heroes. (Been done to death, see below for something slightly original.)

2) The Vampires are destroyed, but a lord or someone of high importance has been bitten. This means you can then either seek him to destroy him after he fled from panic, or you can conjur up some way to heal him. This means you could prolong the event.. Even gives DM a chance to change characters who can help eg. The attack = level 12 or over adventurers then find a healer for the bitten lord could be for players below level 12. Giving the whole server (those interested at least) a chance at an event.

Theres an idea from me, probably crap but still... I tried icon_rolleyes.gif
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