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New Harsher Rules

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2003 12:19 am    Post subject: New Harsher Rules Reply with quote

Since we will soon have our own guildhouse and item, I'm a little concerned. Mainly about players who will want to join the guild just to have the privelages and nothing else. If this happens and manages to get out of hand then I will request the privelages be removed. I don't want any of our members bragging about how 1337 they are with their new guildhouse and U83R item. We are a rogues guild and as such would prefer to keep this information as secret as possible. So, there will be a few new rules set to make sure that all of our members are genuine and not power-hungry lamers. I have not thought up any rules yet other than the one I am about to say:

1.) All LoS members should party up in game - this is pretty standard and I know a lot of you stick to it, but there are some who are often in a completely ridiculous and pointless party, looking at it from a roleplay perspective. If you are friends with someone who is not in the guild and want to party with them (especially if they have conflicting alignments with you) - tough! Unless they are proven allies/friends of the guild then you should have no friendly association with them IC and therefore should not be in their party. And don't ask "can so-and-so join our party - he/she is an ooc friend of mine", because the answer will be NO. I want to keep this as IC as possible. Having said that, possible or potential allies in a situation could be invited if it would benefit you and/or the guild. I don't want to be seeing "Fluffy the cute Paladin" in our party for obvious reasons. As a guild, we group up and stick together at all times. If there is no current LoS party you can join your ooc friends, but as soon as a LoS party forms up you must leave them and join the LoS group.

In summary all members should be in the same party in game, perhaps a few allies/friends of the guild may be invited as well, but apart from that no one else. Even if you are a member on with a different char that is not a member you will not be allowed into the party.

This is one of the rules that will help us sort the genuine members from the ones that only want our privelages.

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