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Help wanted

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Joined: 14 Sep 2002
Posts: 1264

Level: 30
EXP: 83 / 99 EXP: 83 / 99 EXP: 83 / 99
PostPosted: Thu Oct 09, 2003 2:31 am    Post subject: Help wanted Reply with quote

Tuskan has been quiet for a while. It seems no one is interested in adding anything to it anymore and it is rarely visited. People are playing Har Rhun and seem for the most part to think that's all there is to Cobar. Consequently I haven't felt particularly motivated to work on things. Every time i come up with an idea, start working on it it pops up in Har rhun because they're working faster at this point and again feeling like I'm putting in an effort for naught.
So basically what i wanna know, is anyone still interested in it and willing to assist in finishing it? We have loads of content but it needs to be knitted together and i can't do it on my own, more to the point i don't feel like doing it on my own anymore. Fooz is doing his part on the mastermod and site but that keeps him mostly occupied.
We made a load of changes a month or two ago requested by players but since then no one showed up anymore so I'm wondering what's up.
Anyway, if people want to assist let me know and what you can do for the mod. Also I'd like to know why there were more people playing when they were still teleported all over the map when taking a wrong turn and not since we changed a lot of those issues.
Usefull suggestions and remarks only please.
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Little Teapot

Joined: 11 Sep 2002
Posts: 2332

Level: 39
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 10, 2003 1:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'll work on stuff contigo...
I can script, umm...
am toolset literate...
have no social life...
and work for small scraps of food...

oh, I also have a desire to make something in NWN, but my utter lack of anyone supporting and/or following through with said support kinda sucks ass...

oh, I guess that means I want to work on tuskan, though if I do it I demand I do so on my own terms (I get a corner office and a free desktop of my choosing, selected and created by me... with my own funds...)

I think I'm just about done here...

now then, about my overuse of ellipses (ellipsis's?)
Matthijs says:
   oh ja, ik weet het zonet nog niet
Matthijs says:
   het ziet er toch wel een beetje naar uit dat we nederlands praten
Matthijs says:
   mischien moet ik dan maar eens vaker nederlands gaan praten
Matthijs says:
   kan je me ook meteen niet op al mijn spellinsfouten wijzen
There you have it! indisputable proof Solo's a fascist!!!
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