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In-Character Thread

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2003 4:58 pm    Post subject: In-Character Thread Reply with quote

This TOPIC is for those that want to post bio's of their characters which are in the Tempest Steel.

This is an In-Character Thread and please keep it nice and tidy.

I'll start with it off with Valas Hune.

Valas Writes:

Well, you know I'm not much more than a simply mercenary that worked for Bregan D'aerthe, I suppose after I got kicked out and barely escaped with my head still attached I just wandered into Amn and found out that Drow are not really welcome much, what I did find was a nice group of guys that hung out and liked to kill people for money and even stage stuff, with my previous skills from my Drow home I was one of the best assassin's but to tell the truth, killing never really appealed to me much, so I took up adventuring where I found a new island had been discovered so I set off for it leaving my old companions behind and getting out of that buisness...

well, on arriving I discovered the Tempest Steel and it was a real mercenary group that piqued my interests, as they were not doing it just for murdering people for fun, they were doing lot's of other stuff for money, I joined up and I've been happy to be a sell sword for ages now, nothing I like more.. my roguely talents have already been in much required use for other arrivers on the island and I have been pleased to get paid and be working for the Tempest Steel.... which I gladly promote and talk about when a successful deal is done with an employer... it's all so profitable, when I arrived on the island I only had a little gold, around 20,000$ and was very poor, now I've improved my skills from much use in battle and as a rogue and have well over one hundred thousand gold, sheerly from the amount of successful jobs, I could not ask for a better place to be in this growing world.

(end of in character from here in)

That's right Valas so far has been hiring as a mercenary for 500 gold an hour game time (5 minutes real time) so far it's been good and it really rocks to be a mercenary, valas is level 8 so far and he is a 5 rogue and a 3 fighter, he kicks some heavy ass..... i had enough from jobs and what not to purchase some good equipment and some scrolls of horrid wilting which really help in the PVP aspect of low levels, as well as a fond scroll which i got as payment one time a power word kill scroll which was valuable for a lowbie level.... it's all good, i've been promoting it as much as possible with and when im playing valas (im going to stay low level a little while prolly because its good RP and it shows im trying to RP instead of just level, the newbs i meet and stuff thing "wow this guy is great, maybe i should join the tempest steel" and so on )

Alrighty if you got something you wanna post, feel free to do it.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2003 2:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Zak Fel writes:

Have you ever wonder how it feels to not belong anywhere. To spent the greater part of your life subjected to humiliation and torture? To have fate play a cruel joke on your life? Take it from me, it doesnt feel very good.

At the height of drow cruelty, a series of experiments were conducted by powerful drow prietesses and arch-wizards. Their intend was to create a powerful slave race by combining the best trait of different races. Orges, half orges, orcs, half-orcs, half-fiends, humans, dwarves and elves were captured and subjected to their experiments.

The results were just short of failure. Almost all of the subjects were not able to survive the dark magiks used. The few that survived were driven to insanity and had to be put down.

It was then decided have the different races mate with each other in the hopes of producing their slave race naturally. Half-orcs mated with half-orges produced creatures so ugly and un-naturally, they made draegloths look like kittens.

However, there were successes. A few drow priestesses were selected to mate with humans and half-fiends. From this union, their success was accomplised.
Half Drow, half human, all evil. A race of super slaves were created. Having the physical strengths of humans and the intelligences and cunning of drows, they were the ultimate slave; strong and able to take charge, they were also very loyal to their drow masters.

Among them, was the one named Zak. Having fought well for House Fel, Zak was taken into the house for his skills in battle and combat leadership. Stranger still, Zak became friends with the thrid son of Matron Fel, Zedd Fel. Together they led House Fel to conquest after conquest.

When the newly discover island of Dysotopia was discovered, Zak and Zedd were selected to lead a drow expedition force to Dysotopia. However, when they discovered a plot by the Matron Fel to have them both killed fearing that they might grow to much in strength, Zedd and Zak promtly destroyed the entire drow expedition force.

As chance would have it, they met with a vangabound warrior, Jonathan. Having fought battles together and against each other, a respect grew between them. Forming the Tempest Steel, where the code of the warrior is not yet forgetten, and new beginnings

OOC: hehe...sorry abt the long story...u know when u start, u just cant stop
I like cows and candy
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