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The History of Nei

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2003 4:52 am    Post subject: The History of Nei Reply with quote

My past is not so clear as some of yours. First off I am called Nei, my rightful name however is unknown. Nei was the name given to me by my only lifelong companion, a pixie named Sebastian. Few ever see Sebastian, for he is very shy. Anyhow, I further do not rightfully know my age. From when I started counting I am nearly sixty years old. I do not remember anything about my childhood, my parents, or where I was born. My first memory is of Sebastian and a few other pixies tending to me. I was apparently very sick. After I started to heal they lead me to a large town. There they left me with an orphanage. Only Sebastian stayed, but nobody ever saw him and many people thought I was crazy when I spoke of him. A kind family with the surname of Davout took me in as an adopted child. They were told that I was a human child of about 8 years of age. They were quite wealthy and sent me to a good school. When I was 10 (2 years later) all of the kids were already taller than me. This concerned my parents and they made me eat all the time, but still, I did not grow. When I was 13 they took me to a doctor because by now all of the kids were a foot or more taller than I was. Only then did I learn that I was a gnome. My parents were revolted by this news and threw me out on the street with nothing more than the clothes on my back. It sounds terrible, but that is when I met my first friend. He was a sort of shady character named Viekas. He felt sorry for me and didn't mind that I was a gnome. He was not the most lawful man, actually I think he was an elf but he never said. He openly worshiped the god known as Mask, and made his living off of otherís hard work. Sebastian did not trust him so when I was in my 6th year of memory (14 by what my ex-parents count) we left. There was a large forest outside of that town we thought that maybe we could find Sebastian's relatives, however to our dismay the entire area had been torched as an army had been through there while I was living in the city. This saddened Sebastian immensly. We travelled through the forest for a few days and were obviously lost and nearly out of hope when a strange man named Weisal found us. He was a kind-hearted druid. He and his ranger friend Silas took care of me for fifteen years. They tought me much of the forest and nature, and I still love a good walk in the woods. It was here that I realized that I had been born with the gift of magic, although I did not use it too much, (I was kind of ashamed of it). When I was in my 21st year of reckoning I left them, it was sad, but I needed to move on and I wanted to meet more people. As I went from town to town people took a liking to me, and I to them. I would never stay anywhere for more than a couple of years. In that time I would usually take a post in their judicial system or in the king's court as a diplomat. People have always put much trust in me despite not having known me for very long. I rewarded them with my growing expertise and commitment to total objectivism. Nothing incredibly interesting happened for the next two decades. Then one day I was walking between cities and I saw smoke and flames in the distance. I rushed through the forest and found an enormous house on fire and a man tied to a stake with a horde of people surrounding him. It took much work (and a few spells) to calm the crowd. I positioned myself between the man and the rest of the crowd in order to hear the stories of both. I managed to convince the horde of villagers that the man had been done enough harm and that he should be allowed to go. They exiled him, but he kept his life. (this may have been the biggest mistake of my life) The Man's name was Midas Argentum, he was a wealthy banker. A thief named Viekas (I like to think it was not the same man, but I am almost sure it was) apparently stole everything in the bank and the villages took it out on Midas. They set his house a fire while his family slept inside (he was unsuccessfully chasing Viekas at the time). I came to town only moments after he returned. The two of us travelled some years together. Then one day Midas and I had a fight, he hit me, I ran off and I did not see him again until only recently. After my departure I fled across the sea to a place called cresant something or another. I got a job in the court of a warlord named Jodas. We had many disagreements, but I was able to keep his armies in training instead of on the field of battle, which was the best I could hope for. Finally he got tired of my peace making and gave me two options to leave or to be sent to the dungeon. The answer was obvious. That night He and I had a long talk, I met him just the other day in Dysotopia, he is quite the changed man, and he told me that I was the cause of the change. I think he may have been flattering me however. Anyhow, I roamed the lands for another fifteen years until I took a ship to Dysotopia. I have quickly made many friends here, including most importantly Nel who introduced me to all of you. Well, that is about it. I have been lucky to live the life I have, I have experienced much in my semi-nomadic lifestyle. Anyhow I still live a happy life and I search for, above all else, peace, tranquility, and companionship. Dysotopia, may be the place for me I have not decided yet.

ooc: Nei is a neutral good, gnomish illusionist sorceress/bard, and a semi-pacifist.
And may peace and fellowship follow you wherever you go
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