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Druids not doing enough (IC)

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2003 11:00 pm    Post subject: Druids not doing enough (IC) Reply with quote

Today I was walking through the city of Elriina after a long and bumpy ride on the Ship, and I was apporaoched by a man. He didn't introduce himself to me but instead he cut down the druidic society so to speak. He asked if I was a druid and I said yes I was, then he claimed that we didn't do enough to protect Mother Earth and her creations. He asked why we kept giving warnings and talking instead of action. I said that not all of us Druids are as quick to use violence as others. He then claimed he knew Snares and didn't much care for his way of thinking. Although I defended your politics Master Snares, He was quite adamant that we are not doing enough in the forests. At that particular moment we were approached by another man who brought to our attention that there was somone lying dead by the rift gate. So being a good Druid of dysotopia I ran over and raised the poor man back from the dead and healed him. He had lost his memory and didn't know where he was. I was unsure of what to expect next and said my good byes to the man who had approached me, and took my leave from the island to ponder the things he said.

While I realize that the predators are few in numbers, I wonder if perhaps We should be doing more. Not nessesarily fighting but I do have to admit there are a handful of you druids out there that I see and some who I don't anymore. Perhaps we should be a bit more united and have more gatherings? There is never a loss of things to discuss about the island we are trying to protect.

Perhaps we have all been so consummed with the evil doers in the lands lately that we have been neglecting our duties?
Arch Druid of the Sentinels

Being normal is not necessarily a virtue; it rather denotes a lack of courage.
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2003 2:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hmm it has been rather difficult to rally everyone together, though I'd really like to have a guild gathering sometime... For those of you who are uninformed, the Circle's "meeting hall" is the abandoned house in Eastern Jeshan (accessible from the path in Eleriina Valley), while the druid training grounds can be located at the Pit Arena (for challenges and initiation).

SNARES of the Dysotopian Druid Circle
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