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Important guild news

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2003 2:01 am    Post subject: Important guild news Reply with quote


There's two things I have to tell ya all:

Number one:
I had a meeting with Falkhor, leader of the League of Shadows today. He was a bit surprised that he was surrounded by members of the scamps the last days, he didn't know that icon_wink.gif
He instantly proposed that our guilds should merge (under the name League of Shadows if I understood correctly). I told him that we're not working towards the same goals (well, maybe the ultimate goals may be the same, lotsa gold and fun and a homeland), that his LoS was more bussinesslike, and we're more about fun. I made sure that he wouldn't see us as a rival guild, don't want to have to fight'em.
So, after a little bit of talking, he said he has to control the rogues of the lands so chaos wouldn't spread in dysotopia, but I think we're not that kind of small folk, that'd rather be those tallies-in-disguise who want to cleanse everyone.
So, he then agreed that an alliance might be the better thing to do, and if we ever want to do it, we still can think about merging (though they accept tallies as members, don't think I like that).
To sum it up: We've got an official alliance with the LoS now, and we'll work on the halfling homeland fund together

Number two:
I decided to drop tha divisions. After all, we're not forming an army, and most of us are jacks of all trades anyways.
From now on, there'll just be a council consisting of the officers and me, your guild mistress, and we'll just be there to represent the guild towards others, or make decisions for the guild if it's not possible to consult the opinion of the members in time. Oh, and we'll be approving new members.

So, that's been about it, hope to see ya all soon!


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PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2003 8:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

yea i dont wanna merge with them...they accept tallies...and also our main focus is not on being "rogues"....and tha fact that you dont even have to be 1/20th rogue to get in our guild is sumthin that sets us apart....

[quote:076179584b="Ogt"]farts leave the athmosfere because they have their OWN WILL, they are TIRED of being farts, and decieded that they would make their OWN PLANETS!!!!!!!!!![/quote]
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