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Few suggestions

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Joined: 21 Feb 2003
Posts: 822

Level: 25
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2003 11:38 am    Post subject: Few suggestions Reply with quote

-Make a quest that includes escorting a caravan with wares to the market.

This could be done by good people so they get rewarded some item or gold when the goods arive, but also bad people could try and raid the caravans and just take the items..

-A city for bandits...

Instead of making Kravenwood Pk heaven there should just be a city or a camp with bandits, they sell stolen goods at ridicilous prices but can be persuaded for nice prices, or perhaps you can do some nasty job for them and they'll reward you by taking you into their 'guild'.

-Druid/Ranger quests.

This would involve to have a druid or a ranger to find a tree for a dryad so she can return and not die. The druid/ranger would have to check the forest for a tree that is different from the others, and should be randomly placed somewhere if thats possible. This would be nice cause its fun to see new creatures around.

-Quest for the thinkers under us

A quest where you perhaps should think, instead of kill. I like the idea of the blue dragon in the unknown but its gotten rather boring after multiple times. Perhaps some friendly dragon who gives random riddles to adventurers who can reach his lair. He then gives you time to think and if you can make it within that time he should reward you with something. For instance a dragon tooth or something that can magically hurt someone or something. If you don't make it in time he will just kick you out of his lair and wait for the next person... Killing someone because they can't find the answer is stupid.

-A town filled with halflings.

A town with halflings would be nice, especially because of all of the halflings on dyso are screaming out for their 'homelands' or something.. This town should be a strange one with only halflings who can be bribed, blackmailed and stuff like that. Also the halflings would have alot of shops with 'borrowed goods'.

-A new blacksmith,

A blacksmith that can craft items if you bring him the right ingredients... like in the singleplayer. That would be really cool cause we could give some use to dragonblood, higher undead remains and a slaads tongue for instance. The items shouldn't be rare but they should be good enough to take your time to do the quest...

-More towns!!

I think dysotopia needs more towns, I know its alot of work but it would be really nice to say, "Hi I am from (townname)" instead of always saying "yeah Im from somewhere around here" It would be nice to have a few towns that are really friendly towards others and have problems with a goblin camp just outside the town borders. And to have towns that don't like newcomers and actually despise them and ask for the gods to take care of them.

-Tests for a guild.

I think everyone should be able to join the thieves guild in Eleriina as long as they have the skills to do what a rogue does. It should be tested by asking them for instance to open this and that lock and then to pick pocket a commoner without getting killed. More NPC guilds would be fun, just to make sure not only rogue's have a place to go, I know theres a mage guild aswell but thats bout everything...

I know this is not all scriptable. but at least think about it.
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Great Deity

Joined: 25 Nov 2002
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2003 11:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Those are some good ideas, now some comments:

Thieves Guild: Wrong, it's a player run guild(as is every other guild) so it should be decided by Falk and his people. THAT is something which should be implemented in the thieves guild in Eleriina.

The quests have some nice things, but basically, I would want to see ANY quest at all.... icon_smile.gif BUT if you want a quest just for rangers and druids, either make it so tht others can do it as well, or make quests for those classes as well.

What I also would love to see is some really intricate quests, as in Fallout intricate. I just love that game, and some of the best things in it are a load of quests, really, it's incredible. If Dyso could get anywhere near the amount and intricacy of the quests there, it would definitely be the best MOD ever....
Some things to do then are these:
A quest where there is some actual intrigue, instead of the standard "i lost this, get it", there could be a random chance that Kravenwood was being plagued by the suden appearance of zombies who started a whole hell-hole near(not Glorin's tomb icon_smile.gif). When you get there, there aren't any zombies, but just a big house/manor/whatever which seems to be empty. As soon as you step in, you are beset by zombie looking creatures and the leader speaks to you. They also need your help to build up something of an understanding with Kwood. But you could also do it differently, you could for instance kill all of the "zombies", problem solved and Kwood saved. You could also help the zombies establish a trade route

If you can get stuff like that, it would be BEAUTIFUL!!(And YES that was almost literally a quest ripped from Fallout 2, if you can tell me which one, extra kudos!)

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PostTue 04/01/03 2:38pm

*drum roll*



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Joined: 21 Feb 2003
Posts: 822

Level: 25
EXP: 56 / 73 EXP: 56 / 73 EXP: 56 / 73
PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2003 3:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Its a suggestion, Im not asking for it, if Geshtal hasnt think of this yet, then he perhaps might get some idea...

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PostTue 04/01/03 3:12pm
Sure i do, i got nothing better to do with my life

wasent ment to be a agressive post, sorry about the yelling
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Marquis Drayfox
PostTue 04/01/03 9:15pm
It's okay Marine, it's okay...  Reply with quote
PostTue 04/01/03 9:18pm
good ideas cept for THeives Guild one  Reply with quote
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