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a familiar stranger...

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PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2003 12:51 pm    Post subject: a familiar stranger... Reply with quote

The night was calm...
The full moon was high and the stars were exceptionally bright...

The librarian in Eleriina's library was getting some work done. Many books were out of their place since some kids have been there earlier.
He got tired after 3 whole hours of hard work. He sat down and rested for a while.

All of the sudden, a strange noise came from the upper level. The librarian hadnt gone there in a long time since the vampire incidents and after a group of adventurers asked him to saty clear of that area.

He got scared and ran to hide behind a vase.
Footsteps sarted to be heard... and they were nearer...
Someone, or something was approching from upstairs.
Almost paralized with fear, the librarian finally saw figure... it was very dark by the stairs, so no face could be seen... the only thing he could see was an elf figure, surrounded by some strange halo.

The stranger noticed the librarian hiding and walked to him.
The librarian was shaking and hiding his head between his legs...
The stranger looked at him and said:
"You don't need to fear me... Im well fed"

After saying this, the stranger left by the main door...

The librarian stood there paralized for about an hour... and after he got back to himself, he went upstairs to see what had happened.

What he saw was an image the would be enough to describe HELL to anyone...
Piles of bodies on the floor and blood all over the room... the walls had marks of the poor victims struggling to escape from that grottesc scene.

The water in the fountain was blood stained, and the stench of death filled the room permanently...

Something horrible happened there...
"Nothing that is beautiful in life is taken away with death"
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