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The Embrace

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 04, 2003 4:46 pm    Post subject: The Embrace Reply with quote

!post under construction!

Kindred are created through a process called the Embrace. The Embrace is similar to normal vampiric feeding - the vampire drains her chosen prey of blood. However, upon complete exsanguination, the vampire returns a bit of her own immortal blood to the drained mortal. Only a tiny bit - a drop or two - is necessary to turn the mortal into an undead. This process can even be performed on a dead human, provided the body is still warm.
Once the blood is returned, the mortal "awakens" and begins drinking of his own accord. But, though animate, the mortal is still dead; his heart does not beat, nor does he breathe. Over the next week or two, the mortal's body undergoes a series of subtle transformations; he learns to use the Blood in his body, and he is taught the special powers of his clan. He is now a vampire.
Some vampire Embrace more casually than others, but the Embrace is almost never given lightly. After all, any new vampire is a potential competitor for food and power. A potential childe is often stalked for weeks or even years by a watchful sire, who greedily evaluates whether the mortal would indeed make a good addition to the clan and the line.

icon_arrow.gif haw does it work an Dyso ?

1) Approche
when you archived your kindred maturity yuo will be allowes to embrace mortal. As member of the Rose you will be attracted by a certain type of mortals (this is defined in an other post). Unlike other guild where new member come to tmember to be enroled... with our comunity it is the other way around. affer getting to know someone, and after you feel the need to embrace him/her i will require you to tell me ooc his name. As memeber of the rose we dont or really ralely force some one into becoming a kindred, so you mission will me to make him feell he need to become more that just an human (according to the standard of the rose)

then using you ring you will use one vampire shot on him.

2) at this point he is not kully a vampire, you continue the rp ... and end up making himm falling asleep. when the char will wake up you will give him a ring (ooc) telling him that he woke up with the ring on his finger.
ic you will pretend nothing happend before and act as if you were not kindred. from the moment he wake up he has 24 hours to either read what is written on the ring and use his power... (and become a kindred)
oder not do anything after 12 hours i will cast harm on him.. (or if i am not there you are allowed to take 80% of his life off, ooc you will tell him that he feels really seak) if he goes to a priest he will be cure and will lose his ring.( he will have to hand it over) if he doesnt go to a priest then he will die once.. and lose his ring.

i am leaving this tpic open for your addition and rewriting...
once it is solid clear i'll make one topic close it and erase the comments
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