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Q & A

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2003 1:58 pm    Post subject: Q & A Reply with quote

I take the lierty to post a pm isendur send me cause it raise some good questions, and i think we can all discuss about those

I've been doing some research about the Toreador, and found a website devoted to that...

I will post information here out that..

My doubts are more about our role in Dysotopia.
First of all, how does a toreador feed? I presume we do not kill humans, since we do not see them as preys.

we dont consider them as preys or just "meal", when a vampire feeds he do not has to kill the one he feed from. you can RP feeding from NPC, or anymals... (well rp wise feeding from an animal is really not highly considereted... even for Toreador, but on the other hand if they are 'good' then they will preffer even the small disgrace of feeding form a animal than clouded the purity of a mortal.. ) actualy , you can use your ring to feed from someone you are fighting against..

How do we RP our thirst?

I go on regular basis i go to kraven , i hate troll, well i dont really hate them, that's what i say to mortals.. true is they are ugly beast and i have no secong thought feeding from them.

Secondly, how is the clan organized? What is its hierarchy (if there is one)?

that is something i did not sorted out Yet.. as we are to few..
but basicly Adrian/Alu Card is 1/2 vampire, can be considered as the first vampire of the clan then there is the one embraced by him etc..
the closer you are to the first one the "stronger" you are... but this might not work in RP as, if we did that evry one would we willing to be embraced by the first... then again it might not be the case... i dont know i am open to suggestions..

Finally, since this is a secret group, do we have, or are we planning to have a specific meeting point? some sort of haven? (it would be nice of Bri to get us one ).

ou la la ... well if we are a comunity of several player, if we are nicely regarded by the other DM ( iie if we are not griefer but roleplayer)
and IF Bri get a bit of time (outside his real life real concern)
then yes we surely will...

My doubts are more about our role in Dysotopia

right well there is the thing. as far as i have seen guild dont in fact have much other role than get player to gather and event quest, roleplay together..
It will be my task to make to player event for the guild...

but even Guild as Paladin or theif: well sure from time to time they try to bring order or theif.. but most of the time they just hand out lvl together..

May be we could try to bring some thing new.

basicly i am all open..
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2003 3:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I do believe we have the power to make the difference...
After all... we're NOT a guild... we are so much more than that... at least, that's how I see it.

The RP possibilities for us are almost endless... and if other vampire clans come along, it will be PERFECT!

We need to get our objectives well determined from the beggining. Will we stand together just to survive? Will we unite for a cause? Will we, as toreadors and lovers of everything that is beautifull, guide the mortals in their lives, even though they will never know who we are?

It's really up to us to decide...
"Nothing that is beautiful in life is taken away with death"
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PostSun 06/08/03 2:38pm
small rules on the guild:
any member catched swearing ooc , will be expeled.
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