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thank you.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2003 6:52 am    Post subject: thank you. Reply with quote

i am out of here(leaving dyso)

Ectovult if you like to continue the guild be my guest

some aditional info for you about MY vampire, it concerns you cause you are in my blood line.

Alu Card (notice it is dracula spelled back ward)
his real name is Adrian Farenheights Tepes ( I started to play him and have player called him Adrian) .If you do some research you will find that
Adrian F T is a Half-Vampire also called a Dhampire that his father was Dracula ( ok i did not prentended this in game, but the idea was that hes was a dampire from a toreador vampire (dracula was toreador)
Dampire are not ffected by daylight etc they only feel there vampire roots at night. as vampire and can feed and embrace they also can can feel true vampire and hunt evil one.
i'll try to post so aditional info them later today (edit done)

Sorry i did not gave you much support as DM, i should have been lobying
i'll be giving access to this foruum to 2 dm. i hope they will take care of you.

edited: additional material:( it is not a by the book thing feel free to use your imagination around this. mixing toreador + vampire + dhampir)
general idea is that they are mostly good,, like human and dislike vampire abusinghuman .there are some toreaodor that are 100% vampire
and some Dhampire that arent toreador. but the 2 mix well.
remember to have fun playing something you like, something you that makes your imagination fly.

DHAMPIR: "The name given by the Slavonic Gypsies to the child of a vampire; a person possessing certain unique powers in combating his undead sires and relatives. The title and characteristics change from region to region. Traditionally, the male Gypsy vampire had an insatiable need to have sex with his widow, doing this before anything else. It was possible that his spouse could become pregnant, giving birth. The offspring was often called a "dhampir" but was also known to other Gypsy groups as the "vampir" (if male), "vamuiera" (if female), "vampijerovic," or "lampijerovic." Some believed that the child was always a male; others claimed it was short-lived because of a jellylike body, or that it could not come from the family of an Orthodox or Muslim cleric, or that it was a normal human.

Dhampirs were very effective in detecting and destroying their vampiric families. They were found in Serbia and elsewhere in parts of Yugoslavia, many making comfortable livings as vampire hunters. Only they could see the bloodsuckers (Serbian undead being invisible), and they performed bizarre rituals, whistling, running about, undressing, and using shirtsleeves as a kind of telescope. Wrestling furiously with an invisible foe, the dhampir fianlly declared dramatically that the feared vampire was dead. A large fee was then collected. The last known dhampir ceremony was held in 1959 in the Yugoslavian province of Kosovo."

The Dhampire (also dhampir and half a dozen other variations) is the child of a male vampire and female human which comes from Eastern European folklore. Something important to understand is that our concept of what it is to be "undead" has changed since these legends were common. When I say "undead" you, along with just about everyone else, thinks "animated corpse." In other words, the undead IS dead, but it still moves around.

The original people who believed in these legends would see this as an obvious contradiction. If you're dead, you don't move around. Pretty simple to figure out, that. But, if you're UNdead, that's a whole different story. Undeath is neither life nor death; a third state of existence caught in limbo between these two absolutes. Folkloric vampires were known as sexual beings (albeit not very pleasant in any way), and they did have a metabolism, after a fashion. For instance, it seems that if a vampire existed for more than a few months it would grow a new skin under its original, rotting skin. (This was actually an element of decomposition.) Another variety of vampire (revenant might be a more accurate term) would go through a bizarre transformation. Soon after death, the vampire's bones (forgive me for not looking up the name of the actual type of vampire) would dissolve and the corpse would become an amorphous, jelly-like mass. It would remain in this form, essentially helpless and in its grave for a period of time (40 days in this case, but as with all folklore there are variations) before the bones would resolidify. The corpse, having gone through this metamorphosis, would now be (basically) human in form again, although now a vampire.

The folkloric vampire was thought able to sire a child, with the mother usually being the vampire's widow. Real dhampires (or so they claimed to be) often made their living as something along the lines of a peasant exorcist, battling evil spirits (invisible vampires, in this case) to cleanse a village (and earn their coin).

The Dhampir is the offspring of a living female and a Vampiric Male. Usually the Dhampir is born out of a woman who has either be drained by a vampire while pregnant and survived the deadly encounter or who has been impregnated by a male vampire (a much more rare occurrence). These offspring will resemble the mother, though some of their physical traits clearly betray their father's nature. They are always rather pale, often have sharp canines, and usually have dark hair. Eye colors vary, but there are often red or grey eyed Dhampirs. All Dhampirs after sunset betray their vampiric heritage by their eyes, which glow red in the dark, and their fangs, which grow and become nearly impossible to hide if they speak. These features usually appear in the puberty age, and over a matter of no more than six years they resemble an actual vampire.

The father is often a constant thorn in their side, for they are a living reminder of the weakness of the vampiric father. Usually, the Dhampirs are born of mother whose vampire lover couldn't bare to see her turned to his living hell, or a similar reason. As such, a Dhampir is a VERY rare creature. For this reason, the father will often toy with and eventually seek to kill the Dhampir.

Don't be misled, however, for Dhampirs are very much alive. As much so as anyone. They do however gain certain dark-gifts and curses from their evil lineage (these appear around puberty as well). Some are consistent, others vary. All curses are consistent with every Dhampir, with the exception of looks.

=================== some info about alu card
well those are the text book info i based my selft on to create something new different from the "books" so my story is a bit different, but it give you the general idea about where i ispired my self. So if i played with you and told you different thing it is because i was not playing the mythical Alu Card but an Alucard that was in the same spirit.

Alucard is the elder son of Dracula, and presents himself as a gentleman. . He is D's older brother, and when their mother, Lisa Szligany, died, Alucard took his little brother under his wing, and raised him. He went against his mother's last words, which were "Do Not Hate Humans. If you cannot live with them, then at least do them no harm. For their's is already a hard lot." For 10 years after his mother's death, Alucard hunted humans for food, and partly for revenge. But after he met and fell in love with Sonia Belmont, that all changed. After finding out that Sonia was destined to destroy his father, Count Dracula, Alucard trained Sonia in the art of vampire hunting. Unable , Alucard went ahead of Sonia, figuring that if he could destroy his father, then Sonia would be safe. The two met in , and Alucard challenged her, saying that if she could defeat him, then she could go on to fight his father. Sonia beat him, and Alucard had to force himself into an eternal sleep, fearing he would never see Sonia again.

Enfant du Comte Dracula et d'une mère humaine (Lisa). Ce demi-vampire est d'une telle grâce qu'on le croirait fragile ... mais il est au contraire habile à l'épée et possède de nombreux pouvoirs D'un caractère distant et calme, il se dressera contre le mal ... Pour moi il représente l'idéal du vampire romantique.

Not many really cared to play with him anyway, so like in the mitical story.. he is going to put him self a sleep.
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