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Can we all just please.......SHUT UP!

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The Badgermouthed

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2002 12:09 am    Post subject: Can we all just please.......SHUT UP! Reply with quote

This week there has been ALOT of compaints about people, about players and things they do IC in the mod and how it hurts their feelings.

I must remind you all that these forums are for The positive Construction the Mod, Dysotopia, and for positive remarks, constructive criticisms, or suggestions for the mod. PEople are now taking to the point where they are demanding bans, or just downright complaining about people in the game. This kind of thing should be talked about In private with either Gesh, Bri, or Glith. Right now u shuld send these complaints to Bri. Complaining about what one person did to you in the game and how it made u mad, sad, cry, or hurt your feelings has nothign to do with the mod. IT has to do with how much u dislike that person. Most things that happen In Game should be dealt with IN GAME. If it gets to the point where it is an extreme offense and the person is simply not Rping such as Shout spamming. Then u should PRIVATELY notfity a BriHurley about it. IF many people have complaints of the same kind, then he can tlak with the person and it doenst have to lead to this. What has all these complaints about People done? THE FALKHOR INCIDENT! Falkhor, one of the most important people to Dysotopia AND one of the most reasonable, has come close to leaving Dyso FOREVER, peoples rants and complaints about him, his guild, and guild members have driven him to be extremely stressed, and to lose strength AND faith in the mod that he works so hard to better.
I have always said "The Power of One's Words is always underestimated more than one's strength".

The forums are to deal with the MOD, not how much u hate someone. Those type of things need to be dealt with in private. Honestly, im sick of it and am getting close to the state of mind Falk is in.

Gesh we need u
[quote:a89551bc29="AliZee'"]that shits utterly devoid of any meaningless sense...i tottally disagree on tha basis that tha argument you have pressented is full of actual facts and shit, i think based on tha fact that i have no idea of what tha fuck you were talkin gabout i would have to wholoeheartedly proclaim that you are wrong.
Thank you,
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African Ape
PostSun 10/20/02 12:39am
wow  Reply with quote
Dyso MOD| Forum MOD

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2002 1:00 am    Post subject: ... Reply with quote

Though I agree with you in some points Glorin, I also disagree when you say that forums are exclusively for things about the improvement of the mod (suggestion, reporting bugs, and nothing else)

I believe a forum it's a place where you can let the people that frequents dysotopia know about the latest happenings In Game in an OOC way.

So I had a few problems with Griff, with Koanna or Drud (only 3 persons I've openly complaint about), I was expressing what I felt, nothing more. So people get to read, they get to express a point of view, and by reading those replies, your opinion towards the person might improve.

Also, there's a section of the forum for each case, if you want a bug, you know where to go, if you want to read an array of flames and complaints about the game or its people, you come here. If you're sick of how many people complain or flame, I recommend you to skip this part of the forums. I believe it was created for its use. So I myself like reading what others have to say, or what's the latest problem they're having.

Before you lose your mind -in your latest post I see you really close-, just skip it boy.

Ethis and Kuma
DysoForums Moderator
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