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Crime Rate in Kravenwood lowest ever under rule of TP

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Little Teapot

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 20, 2003 3:07 am    Post subject: Crime Rate in Kravenwood lowest ever under rule of TP Reply with quote

Kravenwood Crime hits new lows

Little Teapot
Dysotopian news

KRAVENWOOD- DYSOTOPIA - The Teapot Law Agency of Kravenwood recently reported they had 0 crimes occur in their jurisdiction in the past week. Little Teapot, the current ruler, had this to say:

Little Teapot wrote:
Our new city justice policies (making all criminals sit in Lord Kraven's chair) have been a substantial deterrant in all potential murders, thefts, and general head bashings in the Kravenwood areas."

Skeptics agree that the Reported Crime is down a lot from the previous weeks in Kravenwood, but offer a substantially different cause for the Trend:

Solo Core wrote:
The areas of Kravenwood, the Kravenwood Path, Kravenwood Estates, and Kravenwood Lowlands, have been unpopulated for nearly a week now.

Said Solo Core, who followed with this remark:
of course there's been no crime! there's no People in Kravenwood any more!!!

When these allegations were brought to Kravenwood Officials, they had a few things to say,

Kravenwood Officials wrote:
While critics may disagree with our practices and our reasoning behind these latest crime trends, they refuse to acknowlage one solid, proven fact: there have been 0 reported crimes in Little Teapot's rule of Kravenwood. That number is a huge improvement in the amount of time any ruler was able to prevent all crimes in any given Dysotopian city during the length of their rulership. Little Teapot has proven a strong official, and will more than likely recieve a Unanimous vote for rulership from the ruling party (Currently only Little Teapot). We hope his rule will extend for a long time.

Matthijs says:
   oh ja, ik weet het zonet nog niet
Matthijs says:
   het ziet er toch wel een beetje naar uit dat we nederlands praten
Matthijs says:
   mischien moet ik dan maar eens vaker nederlands gaan praten
Matthijs says:
   kan je me ook meteen niet op al mijn spellinsfouten wijzen
There you have it! indisputable proof Solo's a fascist!!!
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PostMon 07/21/03 1:04pm
Who is craving wood?  Reply with quote
PostTue 07/22/03 2:12pm

Eleriina sucks! GIVE ME KRAVENWOOD!



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PostTue 07/22/03 3:43pm
I always thought it should be called Carvingwood  Reply with quote
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