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Roleplay guidelines

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, 2003 1:39 pm    Post subject: Roleplay guidelines Reply with quote

Well, as a lot of you know, I have been working on my own mod for a long time and since it will be ready soon, I decided to make a list of guidelines for roleplay for my mod. I just want some feedback... tell me how it looks so far and stuff...


Roleplay guidelines (Rules, Important points, FAQ)


1. Act as your character would act and when you need to talk OOC (Out Of Character) start the message with "ooc:" , "((" or enclose in "((" and "))".


ooc: This lag is really bad!
(( This lag is really bad!
(( This lag is really bad! ))

Please only use these methods of expressing yourself out of character since they are standard.

2. Your character does not know everything you know and does not know everything your other characters know.

3. Your character cannot see the text above the other character's names. You have to ask icon_wink.gif and this goes for other objects aswell...

4. Using "Tell" and "Party" to speak long distances is OOC. Your character is not telepathic!

5. If someone pickpockets your character and you did not make the spot check, you didn't see it. If you notice something is missing you can roleplay that but you don't know who did it. If it was a very important item, ask politely OOC for it back and hopefully the other player can be reasonable and perhaps exchange it for some gold and pretend they stole the gold instead. Or if you are lucky they just give it back for free emot-yum.gif

6. Levels and experience are always OOC! None of this "seasons" crap. Just refer to it OOC.

7. As far as roleplaying "adult situations" - just do it in private as long as all parties involved are OK with it and are all of legal age in their area.

Important points

1. Speaking "Old english" does not make you a better or more realistic roleplayer. Keep in mind that no matter which realm a module or campaign takes place in (P&P or NWN) people do not speak english or any other language you know. They speak "common" which could be anything. You just communicate in english OOC. Your characters are really speaking their respective languages... Most likely common.

so thats what I have so far... tell me what you guys think
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