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Jamion the Wizard

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, 2003 3:18 pm    Post subject: Jamion the Wizard Reply with quote

The invasion of the orcs left one human woman impregnated. Being a woman of virtue, she bore and cared for the child, despite his hideous apperance and unruly instincts. She tried her best to help the young man, teaching him to read and write, never once explaining who his father was, or why people looked at him differently. He truly had a face only a mother could love, and love him she did. She was the only one in his eyes that cared for him, and they grew closer together as the years went on. Other kids would never invite him to play their games, and ridiculed him immediatley when he showed up to be a part of their group. Jamion spent a lot of his time alone. He spent time torturing little insects and animals to feel good about himself. But most of his time was spent learning, reading, and thinking. He wanted so desperatley to take his revenge on all those who had shunned him and his mother. One day he came across one of the boys who had always made fun of him, and the boy was all alone. Jamion cast a spell on the poor boy and the boy fell asleep. Jamion snapped the boy's head off with his bare hands and revelled in the delight of the disembodied head. He carried it around as a trophy, and when word got out about a boy missing his head, it was not long before a few vigilantes confronted Jamion's mother about the incident. She knew nothing of what had transpired, so she asked her son about it. He reluctantly pulled the head from his knapsack and the mob flew into rage. They had knocked over his mother and one man held a pitchfork to her throat. Under pure reflex in seeing his mother near death, he murmured a spell. Fire flared from his fingers and set all 5 intruders ablaze. In the fray, his mother, pitchfork embedded in her throat, choking in the last of her breath, utters:

"Go forth my love and avenge me. Take all you can from this world and make it yours. You have endured so much pain, it is now time for you to have your revenge. I love you, Jamion."

And with that she breathed her last.

Jamion destroyed the town in less than 3 hours. No living being withstood his attack. Where will he go next?
"Here comes Halfling death!"
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