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~Tuskandale Druids Circle~

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2003 5:38 pm    Post subject: ~Tuskandale Druids Circle~ Reply with quote

icon_arrow.gif Introduction
Since it seems that there are going to be two seperate Circles, I have started this topic which will be added to and edited concerning the Tuskandale Circle. Please post your comments and suggestions here.

The Tuskandale Circle has a full history, druids are a real part of the module's history as you will read later. Those of you that played in Dyso, saw that we never had a grove!?, specific druid quests, druid events, a history, a proper structure,etc. All of these things will be reversed in this grove. Druids have official module backing and therefore credibility. This makes us a serious guild but therefore hopefully a very fun one. :]

icon_arrow.gif History
The grove is called Klaatu's Rest, named after the founder who sacrificied himself in the defense of the grove. When he died his spirit fused into the land and while losing a physicial form, the spirit of Klaatu can manifest itself in various ways throughout Tuskandale. Druids fighting in the forest may sometimes be aided by mysterious woodland stalkers. In times of great danger or need, Klaatu's spirit has been known to send warnings and omens to help the Grove. A few druids have even claimed to see Klaatu in his true form...

I suggest everyone reads Falk's fascinating mini-history of Tuskandale:

icon_arrow.gif Grove Structure
As all druid guilds have similar objectives, Ill quote from my Dyso druid's guild:

The Druid Circle is a democratic, roleplaying guild of Nature. Druids fit into the hierarchy of a worldwide Order that espouses a well-defined ethos yet grants each member considerable freedom of action. All druids, from the humblest initiate to the grand druid, may freely follow their own interpretation of druidic beliefs and act however they believe best serves Nature. All druids (pure and/ or multiclassed ones) of any race and alignment are welcome so long as their druid class are the highest level.

icon_arrow.gif Principles of the Circle
These druidic duties are not so much personal matters, but as the ethical responsibility of the entire Order. There are 2 main aims of the Circle:

Guardians of Nature
Druids serve the force of Nature and its inherent natural cycles, such as that of birth, growth, death, and rebirth. Druids realize all creatures have basic needs for food, shelter, and self-defense. Humans must hunt animals for food and must clear trees to farm and build houses. These actions constitute a necessary part of the natural cycle. But druids do not tolerate unnecessary destruction or exploitation of Nature.

Keepers of the Balance
Druids see that a balance between the forces of good and evil, law and chaos, best fosters the continuance of life from one generation to the next. They look at the cycles of the world as driven by the actions and machinations of mankind (and other intelligent races) and believe that, as individuals play their part in the great cycle, they can also upset it.The majority see human and demihuman races in general and the druidic order in particular as pivotal to maintaining the cosmic balance.

icon_arrow.gif Hierarchy & Roles
There are 5 different ranks of druid in the Circle. Each with a purpose and direction. Yet it must be stressed that even with an overrall leader, the Druids Guild is fundamentally a democracy.

Druids will gain titles through taking the Rites of Ascension. I'll let you explore these...

Grand Druid [1]
The overall leader of the Circle, whos words and orders are the strongest. First and foremost, the Grand Druid acts as a politician, responsible for keeping harmony between the great druids of each domain and between the various druidic branches. He is the unified voice of the Circle and directs the Circle as a whole. A temporary NPC grand druid called "Elebril Nerel'fer" has been created. Have a chat with him.

Arch Druid [lvl 20]
Having reached the peak of their druidic abilties and lore. These druids tend to concentrate on advising the Grand Druid on important matters.

Elder Druid [lvl 15-19]
Very experienced druids attain this rank. They can confront most situations with ease and they start to play a larger role in the decisions of the guild.

High Druid [lvl 10-14]
Druids who are starting to be able to handle themselves totally independantly lie in this category. The majority of druids fall under this category.

Initiate [lvl 1-9]
All druids who have not yet reached their peak through training and guidance automatically have this title.

The druids adhere to a rather informal hierarchical structure and require their initiates to hold true to the basic ethos of the druidic order and respect higher-ranking druids. During formal occasions, the Circle include the usage of a Title when addressing a fellow druid. If you are below in rank to the person, you refer to them as "Master/Mistress *". If you are equal or above in rank to the person, you refer to them as "Brother/Sister *"

icon_arrow.gif The Grove
It is situated deep in the Tuskandale Woods and consists of the main grove area, a private druids cave and an eerie old grove (but altogether there are 5 maps). The grove acts as a safe haven for any druids or animals that enter it. Additionally, all druids of the grove will be seen as friends by the animals and druids.

Grove Features include:

-A usable altar for rituals, spells, summons, events...
-Tree of Vitality, Ill let you find out what that does...
-A few Grove Wards, i.e defenses that druids can use when the grove is under attack. Ill let you find these out for yourself too.
-Fountain of Revitilisation
-Loads of other nice little areas and bits n bobs which Ill let you explore for yourself:]
-Grove merchant (with specialist druid wares, including custom items)
-Grove portal... (unfinished)

icon_arrow.gif Guild Items
-Ceremonial Druid Clothes (used for identification purposes only)
-3 Rings (for lvl 5, 10, 15)
-3 Staffs (for lvl 5, 10, 15)

SideNotes EVERYTHING is I hope understandably preliminary. I'm not sure when Falk will have uploaded the grove to Tuskandale, but when he does have a look around, I'm sure you'll like it :]

Please post comments and ideas here but no spam/off-topicness. I'd appreciate a forum mod regulating the topic. Thanks. icon_biggrin.gif


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PostMon 09/22/03 7:20pm
Sounds good to me.  Reply with quote
PostMon 09/22/03 10:52pm
You will go far, my highly proficient and excellent druidic friend. icon_smile.gif  Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2003 3:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

K, I've heard about enough from the Druids to make me sick. So from here on out, until Fooz and Falkhor get back to chirp in, all Druid related topics relating to how things are "going to go in Cobar" are going to be instantly locked. There is going to be no argueing, no name calling, no pissing matches back and forth. Just locked. If the issues continue, I'll start whiping out accounts.
Discussion ended.
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