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The BoC Interrogation in Butterfly Fields

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 23, 2002 11:59 pm    Post subject: The BoC Interrogation in Butterfly Fields Reply with quote

From the Journals of Kathryn Tyril
23, the Month of the Changing Year, 1335 (23/12/02)

LGoG present:
Glorin of Many Faces, Rellik Cainnam Yzarc, The Black Paladin

BoC Present:
Brother Jarent, Chief Neil

The Lost Guard of Glorin seeks answers the appearance of BoC, a new guild to the island, consisting of around 5 known members. Rumours at this time are rife. Many wish to know of the guilds ethos, members, and perhaps most importantly, goals.

When the LGoG met members of BoC at the temple of life, questions flew in much of a one way stream from Glorin to Jarent. They were designed to make Jarent slip up, however he performed admirably. Although Jarent did contradict himself, possibly not of his own doing, due to the structure of his organisation, he refused to falter from the frontal appearance of the guild.

In essence Jarent claimed BoC was a neutral entity. Based around spreading their own views, religion and structure, members take the job of missionaries. He claimed that they did not plan to invade the island. However, for a group spreading neutrality, Jarent himself is evil and highly non-lawful. Their structure seems more confrontational, Jarent referring to himself as a “front-liner”. Also the Chief who accompanied him seem to be a fighter, although a group of missionary cleric is maybe stereotypical.

From the LGoG interrogation of Brother Jarent I find their system of neutrality flawed. If a party wanted true neutrality there would be not be a member of an evil or chaotic disposition. Such a member would cause an uneven, swaying line in the party’s neutrality. Similarly, if a person of such a disposition knew of the party’s neutral intentions, they would generally not join, as the party’s notion is clearly what they want.

Still at least this incident shed some light on this Guild swift appearance in Dysotopia.
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