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Rules Of Conduct Within Eleriina

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2003 1:18 am    Post subject: Rules Of Conduct Within Eleriina Reply with quote

I, as the Mayor of Eleriina City would like to announce the new set of rules for our citizens to obey within our city limits (Core City, Eleriina West and North, The Valley), and they are to be enforced by the White Guardians as of now. This takes inmediate effect after this communication.

Eleriina City Rules:

1. No casting of spells is allowed, wether on the city property (benches, gates, doors, memorials, merchants) or other citizens wondering the areas (such as dispell, dismisal). Only protection spells are allowed to be cast upon yourself or your party.

2. Do not damage the property of our city, weve worked hard to gather all of our resources. Therefore bashing an Eleriina property is considered an offense. Punishment with Jail will be upon you if you're seen doing such action.

3. No weapons are allowed. If you are within the city, please keep your weapon sheated. This prevents our new citizens that arrive each day at the boats to be frightened by the sight of warriors carrying their weapons around. Only members of the White Guardians are allowed to carry their official weapon when patrolling the city. If a guard ask you to obey, and you fail to comply, you'll be punished with jail.

4. No trespassing of the mayor's property. This means from the gate limits into the property. You'll be able to see the manor by either a guided tour, or taking an appointment with the lady of the estate. She holds the right to decline any appointment as she sees fit. Those found within the manor core will be punished with inmediate Jail.

5. Only members of the White Guardians Of Eleriina have allowed access to the White Tower located west of the city. If by any means you're found sneaking around the area you will be punished with death or jail, depending on your actions within those limits.

6. If you have a complaint about any of the Guardians, speak to the commander of this force (Berto), and file the complaint. He will make sure the guardian powers are removed if this ever happens to be true. In order to get an appointment with the mayor itself, talk to the commander and he will forward it to the mayor. Only those with proves will be granted of such meeting.

7. Eleriina in general is a Good and Friendly city, therefore no form of evil its allowed within our limits. If any guard see you performing evil acts, you will be punished severely. Such acts include pickpocketing, killing without any reasonable cause, misguiding new arrivals to the land.

8. The Mayor holds the right to admit or ban as she see fits. If you're ever banned from the city of Eleriina, you'll be hunted and jailed on sight by our force. If this case ever happens, it means you're considered a possible threat for the safety and well being of our people.

Thank You,
The Lady Of Eleriina
Ethis and Kuma
DysoForums Moderator
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The Wanderer

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2003 12:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


While many of Lady Ethis' rules are the same / similar to the rules that I established during my tenure... There is now, officially, a small change.

Thanks to the graciousness of his honor, the Prince, I have once again been granted ownership of my manor, and the grounds. THEREFORE, LET IT BE KNOWN that Rule # 4 - No trespassing on the mayor's property is now null and void, as the manor is no longer the Mayor's property.

The gates shall be swung open, and all who wish may visit the grounds and make use of the training facilities and meeting rooms in the basement of the Manor. Should the Doors be locked, I would ask for your patience - that is something that will soon be corrected.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor may certainly continue to use the Manor for official business, while we start the process to find a more suitable location for the official residence and city offices.

May the blessings of Mystra be with you,

Glithander Ej'lahona
The Wanderer from the Shadows.

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"I Feed the Pidgeons - I Sometimes Feed the Sparrows too. It gives me a sense of enormous well-being."
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