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PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2003 6:39 pm    Post subject: Rules Reply with quote

This is the first list of rules of The High Council.
Many of them may need discussion, and there are many missing... so all the comments and suggestions should be posted in the Suggestions forum, so that we can work toghether for the final list of rules.

-=The High Council's Rules=-

1) The High Council serves the law, order and justice.

2) As enforcers of law, all members of the Council must respect the law. Any disrespect to the law by a member of The High Council will not be tolerated.

3) Each member must be ever watchfull in order to detect any crime that might happen around him/her.
Once a crime is detected (or brought to a member's attention by another person), he/she must report it as soon as possible to the rest of the Council (through the forum).
The Council will then decide what to do.

4) The High Council's members are divided in two classes:

- MAGISTERS - The Magisters will be the judges. They will be the ones conducting the trials and will decide the fair punishment for each crime.

- ENFORCERS - The Enforcers will be the ones applying the sentences. They will also have to capture the accused person and they must be ready to engage combat at any time, if necessary.

5) Each class will be divided into several ranks. Therefore, The Magister's Circle is divided in Master Magisters, High Magisters and Magisters.
As for The Enforcers Circle, it's divided in Master Enforcers, Elite Enforcers and Enforcers.

6) Whenever a decision has to be made, the highest ranked member will have the final word.
Also, in the trials, the highest ranked Magister present will be the one leading, i.e. he/she will be the one conducting the trial, while the others will have to assist him when asked to.

7) The High Council will only take care of crimes that fit into at least one of the following categories:

a) Homicide
b) Theft
c) Disturbance of peace

All the other types of crimes shall be dealt by the official entities.

8) All of the suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, they must be treated with respect. The use of force will only be acceptable if the accused resorts to violent reactions.

9) Once the Council accepts to judge a specific crime, the accused will have to be warned as soon as possible.
One of the members will be given the task to inform the suspect that he is being investigated by The High Council and, if that is the case, inform him of the date/time of his trial.

10) Members of The High Council must avoid, at any cost, interference with the official entities (such as guards or any official law enforcers).

11) The High Council must remain out of the public's attention. Members are not allowed to take direct action in the crimes (eg. telling a person to stop doing something) or threaten anyone in the name of this Council.
All our actions will be made after the crimes have occured, punishing the criminals, in order to prevent future crimes from occuring.
Taking direct action in a criminal event often brings an even more chaotic state, which is not this Council's intention.

For Order and Justice

Isendur Vortmox "The Dark"
"Nothing that is beautiful in life is taken away with death"
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