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History of Nel (ic)

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2003 5:16 am    Post subject: History of Nel (ic) Reply with quote

Here is a small histroy of my self, i think it can
be of some use

i grew up in a land called sadmon

sadmon has a huge army, a lovely city

and a mostly fair goverment

i was a only child, my dad was to say the least

over protective, he wouldnt let me do anything

and never gave me any free dom's

many time's i saw Evil take advantage of law

for the law of sadmon was made from a 350 member concile

it was sad

after a big fight between my self and my father i told my mother i was leaveing

she said i was not, told dad he had the gut's to order 5 soliders to guard me in
the house

he was the leader of the war concile and a skilled commander

i snuck on one night and headed toward's

tseel's location

Urath as i was heading toward's urath tseel sent me a pegion begging me
to come back to sadmon

he had been recalled

tseel is a ranger of sadmon, and is under the command of the court

i went to urath anyway's

where i met two very important people in my life

first and formost my adopted daughter selenia, i adopted her
for she was living on the street, but she IS smart and has

a very nice personallity, alway's giving gift's ect

at this point, the people of urath turned aginest me and selenia

i dont know why, i wish i did, but i saved the people of urath many times

did many favor's

i was Executed for breaking the law their twice
in that same incodent i ended up saving lives...

that to me is not justice, i think i was wrongfully executed

then people started to pick on selenia...not understanding she
was a child indeed

i simply couldnt take it, so i took the first long rang ship out of the realm

and i arrived here

where a man , nay a lovely man named jord watched over me, from my first steps
it soon became love at first sight

a funny story, when jord purposed to me i was so execited i fainted...hehe...


mere 6 hours after i accepted jord as mine for my life i ment sonny..

sonny's parents where killed in a battle for scvandale....

even sonny said he was free....

and then, here i am...

if any one want's any more information on my history in urath pelase tell me

i am not proud of many thing's i did in urath, tis a learning exeperince

ooc: Urath nel was CG she is now NG
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