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Dysotopia: The Rebirth

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2003 5:26 pm    Post subject: Dysotopia: The Rebirth Reply with quote

For some of you this may be disturbing news...for others this may be what you've been waiting to hear. For me, it's a necessity.

I would like to announce the start of a renewal project titled Dysotopia: The Rebirth. This project, in short, involves writing Dysotopia from scratch with added support for complete persistancy in the world.

What this means for you as a player:
We are probably going to leave the current version of Dysotopia live on a server for everyone to continue playing on as development of the new MOD takes place. We will only be fixing major bugs in the live release of Dyso. The Live version will be what is currently on the test server with a few final bug fixes.

Why re-write it from scratch?
In order to implement the complexities of what we want to do with the NWNx database system, it is much more simple for us to start over from scratch than to try to fix the current MOD.

Can we play test "Rebirth"?
Yes. The new Dysotopia has a system that keeps track of all players, characters and a myriad of other things. In order to test on Rebirth you will be required to register your GameSpy playername with us and to provide accurate real life information such as your e-mail, first name, state & country as well as some other information. This will all be confidential and will be used by the development team for testing purposes. You will only be allowed to register ONE GameSpy account with us. This will allow us incredible control over users insuring that people BEHAVE on the servers or their accounts will be de-activated and characters will be deleted.

Will Rebirth have all the features of the current MOD?
Yes...and more. The addition of a database backbone for data storage allows for more unique possibilities than you can imagine. Tradeskills will have an XP based system as well as faiths. All Guilds can be managed very easily...allowing you to send guild applications through the WWW to guild leaders and in game information can be processed and altered from out-of-game. A complete random quest generation system has been planned which will allow characters to go to a bulletin board and look at posted quests...choose a quest and complete it. This system is similiar to the one found in Anarchy Online. Quests will be in random locations with random enemies and random treasure rewards. We will also be tweaking the new XP system to balance gameplay out.

How will content be added?
Rebirth will use a different approach when it comes to adding new content. Content will be added one area at a time. Each area will be given intricate details as simple as NPS's going about daily duties to staged wars between goblins and kobolds.

What about large scale events?
Player actions as a community will effect how the world is shaped and what eventa are available. One example, as mentioned above, is the war between the kobolds and the goblins. These two races are fighting over sparkling mines. Characters will have the option of taking sides in these wars or trying to get these two waring nations to make peace. The consequences can result in access to rare gem mines or in your being hated by one side or the other. If peace is made, someone can come along and do things to cause these two sides to go to war once again...the choice is up to the community of players.

Will DM's be supported?
Eventually. DM's will have to go through a gruelling application process where they will be given the task of DMing events for the developers. If their skills are deemed worthy, they will be given the ability to DM in Dysotopia: The Rebirth. DM's will have to stay in good standing or they will have their titles stripped.

Will we still have moderators?
Not exactally...moderators will be going away in that light and a new system will be put in place in the form of a lawkeeping guild. (Players can now belong to more than one guild) These characters will be expected to uphold the laws of Dysotopia and will be under strict watch from developers who will be in game much more often testing along side the players. These lawkeepers will have the ability to warn offenders or to jail them. Once jailed, characters will have a chance for a public trial with a judge. Each side will be presented and the judge will make the final call as to whether or not the person is guilty or innocent...and will also decide what their punishment will be. (from temporary banning to a public stripping of all items up to a request for character deletion)

Can we delete our own characters?
Yes! There will be a way for players to delete characters out of the vault. Characters will be marked for deletion in the database and will be deleted by an agent once a day or once each hour (whatever we decide) automatically. The agent will also send an e-mail notification to the user once their character has been deleted.

Will we be able to get houses?
Most likely...but no promises. You WILL however have access to a permenant storage area for each character you have. This placeable (perhaps a treasure chest similar to the one used in Diablo 2) will be located publically...and once you use it it will load your items from the database and allow you to remove and add items to your private stash. We will also be able to create a banking system that will allow characters to deposit gold as well as allowing them to take out a loan! Interest rates will float slightly and there will be checks put in for abusive use (like creatig a new character and giving a large loan to a friend, then deleting the character) Your PLAYER will only be able to borrow so much gold before you get penalized...and remember, we can watch EVERYTHIG now. icon_mrgreen.gif

When can I sign-up?
This has not been decided yet. The first steps of Rebirth is Eleriina...this city will be getting a major facelift and will contain several areas and districts with numerous quests as well as it's own quest generator. It will allow all new players something to do while additional areas are added one by one.

So, once again we will be doing something that everyone will most likely rant about but we feel that in the end this is better for both the MOD and the community.

Please post comments in the new forum that has been provided for you.
Geshtal, Original Founder
Dysotopia & Dysotopia II: Shattered Realms
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