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Me and Pete Havin some laughs hehe

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2003 8:29 pm    Post subject: Me and Pete Havin some laughs hehe Reply with quote

Well me and Pete was just walking along tha Path to Kraven, when out of no where 2 tallies appeared and approached us.
Friendly as we are being Hallfings...we started up a nice little Conversation with these 2 gentlemen, we had a few laughs together and bid them farwell...but then one asked us for a lil gold so that he Could buy some better equipment that would allow him to train better....

well me and Pete had a lil private Chat together on tha side and agreed that we should help out a couple fellow travelers...BUT...we both agreed that giving gold for free was sumthin we couldnt do....so we cooked up a job for these adventurers...our friend Link die, tha violent orc was having a birthday...so naturally we wanted to wish him a happy one, and for a present we gave him these 2 travelers for him to.....er.....hehe ((of course they didnt know that THEY were tha present icon_wink.gif hehe ))
so we told um that a Crazy Orc by tha name of Link Die had angered us and we wanted his head, we asked them to deliver death with a message...and also whether they were winning or losing tha fight...tha more times they shouted..."GOLD!!!"...tha better tha pay off hehe.......

tha 2 adventurers turned bounty hunters reaChed Sylvandale (where Link had last been sighted) and proceeded to call out for Link to meet them, Link smelled the fresh meat and came to see what was cookin icon_wink.gif hehe.....

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PostFri 03/14/03 8:21am
lol, thats great icon_biggrin.gif  Reply with quote
PostSat 03/15/03 1:43am
LOL... OMG... that is too funny! Cu Roi's a pretty good sport about it...  Reply with quote
PostSat 03/15/03 3:12am
hahaha very nice icon_lol.gif  Reply with quote
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