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The Bartender and the Harp of bones.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2003 11:54 pm    Post subject: The Bartender and the Harp of bones. Reply with quote

*In the tavern of Eleriina a burly half-orc relates a strange tale...Grok Speaks*

We were outside the tavern at Kravenwoods chatting about the latest news of the relm, when pillers of fire fell upon the tavern. We truned to see the Bartender stricken with grief over the dammage. He expressed anger over the loss of some supplies left outside in a barrle, some rare fish from a cave in Jeshan. Tae asked why they were even out there, and the barteded stammered for a moment then stated that his bacement was full. He quickly deverted the conversation by offering free drinks. As we were thirsty from talking and the heat of the fire we accepted.

Once inside and drinks offered a large rat followed by two rats of amazing size attacked. We easly dispatched these, when even more rats followed. They seemed to be comming from the bacement. More creatures appeared..succubi, vrok and hell hounds.

On questining the bartender more he first claimed that a shifty halfling had sold him the bar, then attempted to say that the rats were actually dogs...by this time we were quite suspisious. Then he told the tale of a harp he had aquired and upon examining it was make of bones. Vrug put forth the idea that from his speaking with a bard he believed this to be an evil insturment that had summoned the creatures. We also examined the bacement, which was filled with bones of hideous creatures. Vrug destroyed the harp and many more of the same demonic creatures were outside. After dispatching them, we found out that inside the bartender had been killed. His soul had been taken by a foul shdowlike halfling who had been there before (who had an appotite for living rats and old bones).

Vrug went to summon the guards from Kravenwood estates, and found that the small shadowlike hallfling was hiding there. Back at the tavern we had raised the slain bartended but he was not himself. A strange creature appeared and told us his master had taken the bartenders soul and that without a soul he wouldn't live long.

Though we tried to get his soul back the small shadow escaped. The bartender had perished. It was then discovered that in the bacement there was a portal. We entered it and found ourselves in glorins tomb (or a tomb). Several more Vrok and such appeared and were slain. We then encountered a Lich and with difficulty destroyed it, nearby was an alter. We used magic to obliterate the alter and Balor appeared. A swift battle and the evil was removed. Cain then spoke of evil blood and that one of us (Tae, Omen, Grok, or Cain) had this in our veins...that person was able to open the gate, and would be consumed with power and the uncontrolable urge to reopen the gate.

If this is true, and what is to happen next remain a mystery...but we shall keep watch.
Gentlemen you can't fight here this is a war room
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2003 12:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Heh, here's the background. First there was a player running around with his new toy, a wand of heavens blasting the area around the inn with his glowy stick. So I felt it was appropriate to have the area burn. This drew the barkeeper outside to see what the ruckus was all about. After a strange conversation about fish and talking chickens (which had nothing to do with what followed) the group went inside for drinks only to discover a plague of rats coming from the basement. The barkeep tried passing off the large rats as ugly dogs, but well...
Then monstrous demonic creatures came from the basement and after defeating those it seemed the basement had been swallowed up by darkness.
Confronting the barkeeper got him to tell about the harp he had found among the bones of creatures buried there. Destroying the harp released the demonic entities inside it. Defeating those and returning to the inn they discovered a certain souleating halfling having stolen the innkeeper's soul and through the vacuum thus created demonic energy coiled up inside the barkeep until he eventually ruptured and released more creatures. Upon defeating this wave of monsters the group descended into the dark of the basement and finding a route into the ancient crypts. Upon defeating the lich and destroying the altar a final confrontation ensued with a balor.
The destructon of the altar destroyed the link between the inn and the ancient crypt, laying to rest a slumbering evil that had plagued the Kravenwood inn for so long. Also the new management of the kravewood inn would like to reassure the basement has been cleaned out and sealed off and the quality of food has definetely improved since.
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PostThu 04/24/03 12:00pm
harp of bones? sounds like an artifact of power  Reply with quote
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