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Danger in Kravenwood Lowlands

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2003 1:02 pm    Post subject: Danger in Kravenwood Lowlands Reply with quote

*As Sajin, telling his tale near the fountain in Eleriina*

"You need to hear the message I bring. You need to!"

"While traveling through the Kravenwood lowlands, where I was gathering inspiration for a song about trolls, I was ambushed by what appeared to be a band of Gypsies. Their mage cast arrows of acid at me while the ruffians took swings with thier blades. I barely managed to fend them off before expiring myself.

"I went to rest and heal my wounds at the inn. Upon returning to the scene of the attack, I saw three more of the same clan talking with another adventurer that I had seen around. With no hesitation I promptly returned the favor of attacking them without warning. After I had dispatched those despisable fools, I began to speak with the other adventurer. Apparently he was questioning the fool gypsies on the unidentifyable corpse laying near the scene of the ambush. Well fat lot of good its going to do now...they are not going to offer any insight. The other adventurer revealed himself as a Priest of Helm and began a ceremony for the unidentified corpse. We parted several minutes later.

"How do you like my new harps? Beautiful aren't they? It is too bad that I never learned to play them, I am more of a lute man myself. Perhaps they will fetch a good coin with a merchant."

ooc: the unidentified corpse had two harps on his body.
"Here comes Halfling death!"
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