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Lost Baby

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 27, 2003 1:01 pm    Post subject: Lost Baby Reply with quote

Sooner or later all players take the trek to get there first Soul stone.After you get pass the Goblins what do you see but wreckage of a cart and stuff.Would seem a good point to start a fairly low level quest.The goblins you managed to pass are part of the group that waylaid this family on there way to Sylvandale perhaps.Well you find a NPC woman who gives information about attack asks for help to find her lost baby.First though you have to find the truck the Goblins took....Theres more wreckage in another area i think.As the Dwarves have been removed possibly there old cave and the south area behind the big doors can be used.Of course if go to far north into cave youll finf the Golem still and die ...so a warning somewhere.Some will ignore still if die there faullt as said i think for low levels...Well rescue baby take to housre the family were heading for the one above cave enterance and then get reward
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Marquis Drayfox
PostFri 06/27/03 3:31pm
Heh, last I remembered those goblins kicked your ass tat low levels! icon_wink.gif  Reply with quote
PostFri 06/27/03 3:38pm
Well, only problem is that the goblins in Eastern Plains are meant for level 10 and up kinda. They are kinda beefed.  Reply with quote
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