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Guard Idea.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2003 8:25 pm    Post subject: Guard Idea. Reply with quote

Ok. As of NOW there are NO guards in dyso, so when a crime is commited there is only paladins and do gooders to help, and being players they wont likely risk there life((not that everyone wouldnt)). So there should be something to help keep the law and order. So I was thinking, instead of player guards, there could be like a.... hmmm... scout or something. Now when the "scout" sees a crime, they can run to an NPC guard postioned in senseable areas, and get help. Now the guards could be set to search for a say... sercurity tag which would allow them to issue the guards orders. Now, there "sercutiy tags" could be diffrent ranks. Higher ranks, greater number and higher level guards that can be issued orders.

Now I figure, it couldnt take to much scripting. To start you could just make the guards henchmen and people order them that way. Then if the idea seems to work, more... improved ways could be used. Now the "secruity tags" wouldnt be somethign you could buy... and not stealable, sense in an RP sense the guards could reconize your face and see that you just stool it. There would have to be some trusted player, or DM controled NPC that could issue these tags.

Well, just an Idea...
Courage is not the absence of fear, but the presence of fear yet the will to go on.

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PostMon 06/30/03 9:23pm
There are PC Guards, they got taken out when Gesh went on a bit of a bender.  Reply with quote
PostTue 07/01/03 6:13pm
Well... I thoght it was a good idea...  Reply with quote
PostWed 07/02/03 12:17am
It was a good idea, anything is better than what we have now  Reply with quote
African Ape
PostWed 07/02/03 12:29am
We don't even need guards when people can't even go on killing rampages anymore.  Reply with quote
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