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Lost adventurer party

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2003 9:38 am    Post subject: Lost adventurer party Reply with quote

First of all this quest is supposed to be for a party of 4 players 1-3 lvl
It could be implemented two ways, either create a new area(but people are busy enough as it is so...no) or put the involved parties in the crypts in the eastern island.
As the story goes...(all contents are "borrowed" hope i dont get sued for this :p)

There is a merchant in town who lost her children when they left with a few friends to adventure down at the crypts. She will pay 100 gp per signet ring of her children's or double that if they are returned in good physical and mental condition.

In the real story the crypts are populated by kobolds and goblins and a druid outcast, but i guess undead and a cleric outcast would do too. There are 2 prisions and whenever the parties get beaten by the enemies they are taken to prision.(if this is too hard or too complicated to implement could be left out) There are 2 chiefs, one of each band and they have a conversation with the parties before trying to make them their slaves in their own way. If the pcs survive they will find the lower level of the crypts holds the outcast and a huge tree(if you make the people undead and evil cleric dont know what you could put there) The outcast has with him the party of adventurers and a paladin who also ventured in there and was accepted by the tree(made all of them its slave) They will have a small talk where he offers the rescuers to join him and become the tree's servants and when they refuce battle breaks out.
The paladin has a magic +1 sword with the ability to sunder as a +4 weapon...nevermind cant implement that into nwn. When the tree is killed the captured adventurers die as they were linked to the tree, and the rescuers can bring the rings to the merchant that hired them to collect their reward.

Well that was the abreviated story after removing the bits that cannot be implemented in nwn and the other things requiring new areas to be added...
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