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Uin's Reasoning

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 24, 2003 12:58 pm    Post subject: Uin's Reasoning Reply with quote

OK folks, I think Z's posts were rather onesided, and they certainly didn't explain why I wanted the groves to be separate.

Firstly a cross-server guild would be very sluggish, to rally forces, implement new content, added new rules, would all take a long time with the cross-server format.
Next, Z wanted a NPC Head of Guild which I really don't like, although it sorts out some leadership probelms, it also means a DM is required to possess the NPC wehenever anyone wants to talk to it, and that DM might not get it right.
Also Har-Rhun and Tuskan are very different places, I think 2 separate more specialised grove's will be best to help nature. Har-Rhun and Tuskan have very different problems, Tuskan already has a vast expansion into the wild while Har-Rhun does have this yet. Problems of each island need tackled differently.
Its all fine and well wanting to be one, but to actually implement it and get if functioning smoothly is another. Z didn't want the two groves to compete but there would also be an element of competition between the groves of different servers. This way we can create interguild tension without the infighting.

What I did tell Z after I disagreed with his PM was that we could all still work together, I was quite happy to do events and such in parts of Tuskan or Har-Rhun. Druid's are druids which is a secret society in itself.

I trust this clears some things up.

Edit: Elaboration
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2003 1:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just kidding Uin icon_wink.gif I definately see the point in this, joining the servers would definatley lag things. I do believe it wont make a difference, both servers will be played on buy the Druids. We'll just have a little variety icon_smile.gif Alot of us still stay in touch...most of us do in fact, so I dont think there would be any problems about competeing Druids.
Hurin Rothich
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