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PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2003 6:49 pm    Post subject: Wilwarin-Men' Reply with quote

Hello everyone. Please feel free to read the following on the Har-Rhun Druid's Grove...

Wilwarin-Men' - Place of the Butterflies
The Har-Rhun Druid's Grove



To solve the problems which threaten the balance of nature on Har-Rhun.



The Grove at Wilwarin-Men' was established in 1173 DR. At this time the settlements, initial founded by Helmites some 20 years before, were beginning to expand at an increasing rate. Many druids and prospectors alike feared for healthy balance that had so far existed. By council decree, three druids were sent to Har-Rhun to fully acsertain the situation and find a solution. Steady progress was made through negotiation when the three were attacked by assassins. One druid did not survive and although no proof was found to indicate who was behind the attack, the outcry which followed secured a deal for controlled urbanisation of the island. Since then a presence has always been left on the Har-Rhun.




Nabai Kyja
The current leader of the grove and the fourth to hold the position.


Position(s) to be filled (expecting 1-3 to be needed).


Positions to be filled.


Currently, all those who wish to be a member must contact myself (PM, in-game, whatever) and provide details on their character (bit of background, why they would be useful to the group... doesn't have to be excessive)



As a druid you will have taken oaths, and you must stand by them. Repeated violation of these may result in explusion.

1. Weapon Restrictions, use weapon as per the Druid Code (Weps that are inside the druid proficiency or that are made of Ironwood are allowed).

2. Armour Restrictions, use armour as per the Druid Code (Armours that are as standard for a druid or that are made of Ironwood are allowed).

3. Alignment Restrictions, druid's must maintain an element of balance, whether it be between law and chaos, or good and evil (druid's must be one of the following alignments, GN, LN, TN, CN, EN).

4. Multiclassing, whatever skills they may have, a druid is always welcome in Wilwarin-Men (Druid's of 3 lvls and above may join. Multiclass combos are accepted providing the other oaths are met).
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