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HEHE. Just wondering

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Do you consider Dgk a nice person
Yes. He is very nice to me when i meet him.
 30%  [ 3 ]
I have met him only to FIGHT!
 10%  [ 1 ]
He seems to be mean to me and chased my char yelling Ha HA!!!
 50%  [ 5 ]
He is a good all round guy
 10%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 10

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Brycy K1D

Joined: 16 Nov 2002
Posts: 18

Level: 2
EXP: 8 / 8 EXP: 8 / 8 EXP: 8 / 8
PostPosted: Sat Nov 23, 2002 7:38 am    Post subject: HEHE. Just wondering Reply with quote

I was just wondering if there was anyone on near my age? icon_sad.gif. I never see anyone on my age there all like 4-8 years older then im im 16. If anyone is near my age and can relate to stuff i like to do plz write a post back i would like to chat to somepeople icon_sad.gif. Everyone who is older i dont beleive likes me... icon_sad.gif I mean i get depressed kinda easy icon_sad.gif)! So if would really cheer me up if people wrote back and atleast said that im there friend? icon_sad.gif

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Level: 51
EXP: 189 / 280 EXP: 189 / 280 EXP: 189 / 280
PostPosted: Sat Nov 23, 2002 10:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

hey man no worries we like you there isnt a problem with ya cheer up at least you know im your friend if you care =)

usually i am a good friend to most people if they ever get to know me instead of picking a fight lol

best of friends worst of enemies and hey its all IC so i can kill ya then you are dead and hey! we are still friends but our chars aint icon_lol.gif either way never give up hope.... the entire world aint a place full of assholes and there are a few good peeps around if you look for em... =)

*pops an aleve for staying up 19 hours playing this wonderful game called DYSOTOPIA!!! thats right.. no NWN.... DYSOTOPIA! =D *
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PostSat 11/23/02 5:16pm
hey, Brcy k1d u were one of the LV invulns returning, no one can hate u its like a rule or something lol  Reply with quote
PostSun 11/24/02 11:48am
Uuh, I hate him.  Reply with quote
Mr. Red Hashmeer
PostSun 11/24/02 2:59pm
ive never met you before kid but hey im 16 too, lets start a club  Reply with quote
PostSun 11/24/02 5:32pm
Aye not too many of us LV's left around........  Reply with quote
PostSun 11/24/02 5:39pm
i saw TP the other day but i think he got kicked for talking about Ohio and how it rules.  Reply with quote
Little Teapot
PostSun 12/01/02 3:48am
uh... u b smopkin KRACK BOY!!!
i'm still around heeaah
oh, and uh...

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