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Order of the Shining Blade

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Conrad Hollows
Har-Rhun Project Leader

Joined: 07 Sep 2002
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2002 11:18 pm    Post subject: Order of the Shining Blade Reply with quote

OOC- after all the upheaval and several people deciding to go to other servers, we have finally decided to get rolling again on reorganization and recruitment.

The Order of the Shining Blade (aka OSB ... and NOT Shining Blades, it is BLADE ... singular) are once again recruiting noble and just minded individuals to enlist ints its ranks as probationary squires. The Order does not shun any given class, but it does require its members to be Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral or Neutral Good. As a law-enforcement organization and para-military force, chaotic ethos does not fit with our world view. While the Order has friends in the chaotic ranks, the Order feels it is impossible for a Chaotic individual to fully appreciate and adhere to the tenets of our charter. Please feel free to contact Conrad Hollows or Brant Lanneman in game for more information.

Lord Knight Conrad Hollows
High Knight Brant Lanneman (Scorp57)


The Order of the Shining Blade is a collection of like-minded adventurers who have banded together to protect the realms of Dysotopia from abject lawlessness and unmitigated evil. The Order respects the rights of all citizens of the realm, regardless of race, religion, or ethical/moral bend, but will intervene on the behalf of rightful rulers and/or the general citizenry when the established law or general good are threatened. The Order seeks to maintain order in the lands so that the citizens may feel free to pursue their ambitions. The Order seeks to assist individuals in their struggles, when possible, and nurture those who respect the tenets which the Order holds dear. Only those who make a mockery of the law or who pose a general threat to all need to fear the judgment of the Shining Blade.

Duty, Honor, Dignity, Courage.


It is the purpose of the Order of the Shining Blade to uphold the above listed charter and patrol the lands of Dysotopia towards that end. The authority of the Order is primarily centered in the established settlements of Eleriina, Sylvandale and Kravenwood, but extends to neighboring territories such as the Eleriina Valley, Southern Great Forest, and the Kravenwood Lowlands.

The Order of the Shining Blade is not a group of bounty hunters, but a multi-regional organization which is ever wary of upholding the given laws and accepted practices of a region and protecting the citizens within. The Order endeavors to make it so the residents may conduct their lives within their home cities without fear of maniacal evil or anarchy.

The Order stands for justice and the general good of all, and desires to resolve what it can without conflict. The Order also understands that some cannot be reasoned with and only recognize justice delivered from the end of a blade.

General Rules

Afford all due respect to other members of the Order, not simply those who carry higher rank.

Patrol the regions in balanced parties, seeking to uphold the Order's charter and help those in need if their ends are noble.

Afford courtesy to those who are courteous to you, regardless of their affiliation or profession.

Be patient with those who are less worldly and/or hold different views, but do not compromise on the principles which the Order holds dear.

Confront hostility with intellect as well as might, defending those who are in need and bringing to justice those who would run roughshod over that which the Order holds forth as true.

Endeavor to fight with dignity and honor should a matter escalate into open combat.

Afford mercy when merit calls for it, but to not shirk from delivering final judgment on those who deserve such.
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PostWed 12/04/02 4:28am
::Starts Sharpening his +5 Chaotic keen speed mighty firey burst Battleaxe::

 Reply with quote
African Ape
PostThu 12/05/02 2:30am
I'm neutral good, but I don't quite think that I'm the type of player you are looking for lol.  Reply with quote
Conrad Hollows
PostThu 12/05/02 3:39am
We'll make a new ape outta ya! ;D  Reply with quote
African Ape
PostSat 12/07/02 3:57pm
That sounds interesting, but what would I become?  Reply with quote
Conrad Hollows
PostSat 12/07/02 11:08pm
Hmm ... a lowland gorilla? Perhaps a chimpanzee?  Reply with quote
African Ape
PostSun 12/08/02 4:12pm
lol  Reply with quote

Level: 51
EXP: 189 / 280 EXP: 189 / 280 EXP: 189 / 280
PostPosted: Wed Dec 11, 2002 5:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jon316 wrote:
::Starts Sharpening his +5 Chaotic keen speed mighty firey burst Battleaxe::


:Changes his mind:

Perhaps the OSB could use this finely sharpened axe o' mine to kick some butt instead of being butt kicked eh?

Perhaps indeed.... ::Deep look of thought on his face::

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